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MACBETH Video Trailer


by William Shakespeare

Directed by Russell Lloyd
OCT 24th - NOV 9th

"Something wicked this way comes." It has been over 25 years since Barnstormers has ventured down the language of The Bard, William Shakespeare, but now the time is right to examine this timeless story of honor -gone- bad as Macbeth struggles with the knowledge of his own kingship and his pursuits to secure it.
- Rated 'R' - for violence.

Director's Notes

It is bittersweet to bring MACBETH to the Barnstormers stage. A dear friend, Daniel Grossbard, was cast to play DUNCAN and DOCTOR. However, time and health took him away from us. Only four months ago he graced this very stage in CALIFORNIA SUITE and would have, again, in one of Shakespeare’s most difficult plays to stage as the murdered king (Duncan) and helpless Doctor. However, being a difficult play to stage only enhances the vibrating remembrances of our lost soldier, Daniel. And, having to assume his roles makes this experience one of the most exhilarating in my career. And, it is my sincerest hope that this production will vibrate with you as well, as we watch MACBETH rise from soldier to king to murderer. One of the most difficult staging issues in MACBETH is the compression of time, while it is the shortest play in the Canon, it is so at the expense of time and the events that are not seen or spoken about.
Historically, Macbeth’s reign lasted one day short of 17 years. Shakespeare condensed that into three hours (shorter in our version). It is through this 17th century prism of Scottish history that we must view the play today and understand that from scene to scene, while it is day, for years and years, it is night. For you, our audience - thank you and enjoy the show! For you, Daniel – Adieu!


Andrew Eddy – Ross
You may have seen Andrew recently as “Zeke” in High School Musical, or “Potsie” in Happy Days. He is thrilled to have been cast in Barnstormers‘ first Shakespeare play. He’d like to thank Russ for the opportunity and the coaching and his wife for her encouragement.

Frankie Craig – Macbeth
Shakespeare’s Macbeth has intrigued Frankie ever since he studied it in his 8th grade English class, taught by a very enthusiastic (and British) Mrs. Wolff. He is very grateful for the opportunity to portray this character and to work with his fellow members of the cast and crew. Frankie is a regular on-stage at Barnstormers, having been in Scrooge the Musical, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, The Angel Capone, The Great American Trailer Park Musical, and The Butterfingers Angel.

Laura Erb - 2nd Witch and Gentlewomen
Laura discovered theatre at age 9 through San Jose Children's Music Theatre. She continued acting through high school and college where she was nominated for an Irene Ryan Award. She performed on the main stages at WOU and SOU and since then has acted in community theatre and has directed at the high school level.

Margaret Goodwin – Lady Macbeth
Margaret Goodwin’s parents took her to see Macbeth for her eighth birthday. It was the first play she ever saw. She has wanted to play Lady Macbeth ever since. She would like to thank Russ for this opportunity to do that.

Rolland Grubb – Lennox
A newcomer to Grants Pass, Rolland comes from Willow Creek, California. There he participated in the Red-Bud Theater as both an actor and director.

David Hawkyard – Fleance, Young Macduff
At age 11, David has spent most of his life in some form of theater! From the Nutcracker at age 4, to studying with Tom Gebo throughout Elementary School. He has performed in the musicals Peter Pan, Cinderella, Scrooge (Tiny Tim) and most recently in Willy Wonka (Charlie).

Robert LaFever (Feather) – Macduff/Macdonwald
This is Feather’s fourth show with the little Barnstormers Theatre, and he is excited to be performing Shakespeare in such an intimate space. Feather has appeared previously in Wait Until Dark as Carlino and also in Trip to Bountiful. Break a leg!

Thomas LaFever – Seyton/Servant
This is Thomas' second show with Barnstormers Theatre, and his first in an acting role. Previously he assistant stage managed in Moon over buffalo. He enjoys acting alongside his brother, Feather, immensely and is proud of his accomplishments as an actor. He looks forward to many more shows with him and Barnstormers in the future.

Russ Lloyd - Duncan/Doctor and Director
In many seasons at Barnstormers Theatre: Scrooge in Scrooge! The Musical, John Barrymore in I Hate Hamlet, Director of Wait Until Dark, A Delicate Balance, Proof, Scapino and The Dresser. In five seasons at OSF: Sir Brakenbury, Bishop of Ely and Lord Mayor of London in Richard III; Westmoreland in Henry V; Cinna the Poet, Publius in Julius Caesar; Mr. Radley, Heck Tate in

David Mannix – Porter
David Mannix has acted in numerous productions at Barnstormers and elsewhere, and has performed various other functions at this theatre. Most recently he directed the slapstick 'Chicago People' scene in Neil Simon's California Suite. He is happy to be part of a Shakespeare production--in particular finding the Porter in Macbeth one of the best minor parts to be had. He is grateful to be directed by the likes of Russ Lloyd. (Not Russ Lloyd, the likes of Russ Lloyd.)... He knows it was between this and Wheel of Fortune for you people, and therefore stands in awe before your choice.

Dylan O’Harra – Malcolm Dylan
O'Harra is an actor, musician and writer originally from Anchorage, Alaska. He was trained in acting and dramaturgy at the Pacific Conservatory of the Performing Arts. He is excited to perform with Barnstormers for the first time. You can hear his music online at

Angela Padilla – 3rd Witch/Lady Macduff
Angela's dear friend, Daniel Grossbard, was supposed to be in this presentation of Macbeth. She looked forward to doing another show with him! He passed July 16. She remembers him saying in regards to a past production, "You've done all the work, Angela. Now go play!" From Angela: "This is for you, my Daniel! I now play!!"

Stewart Towle – Banquo/Siward
Stew is a self described performance artist and professional eccentric. He spent 2013 doing theater in prisons with the Poetic Justice Project and playing upright bass in a indie-jam-soul band, "Divine Alkaline", based out of the central Coast of California. This Spring he returned to his home-state of Oregon and relishes in this chance to perform with the Barnstormers, and the opportunity to do some Shakespeare!

Ben Widdison – 2nd Murderer/Donalbain
Ben Widdison has been involved in theater since he was a kid. You may have seen him in plays such as Seussical, Peter Pan, and How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying. This will be his first play at Barnstormers as an actor. He is so happy to be reciting Shakespeare! Happy Killings!!!

Eileen Widdison – 1st Witch
Eileen has played a pirate, a giraffe, a mom, a nun and assorted vile creatures but this is her first witch. Shakespeare. Performed. Bucket list! I have an awesome family and hobby.

Brian Williams – Angus
Brian is a relative newcomer to the Theater. His previous inexperience includes a life long membership to the Theater of Reality, usually detailing comedic storytelling. He would like to thank the Evil Witch for her coercion and the rest of the cast and crew for their support. It is truly amazing the hard work that goes into a play, please enjoy tonight’s show.

Production Crew

Stephanie Malone – Assistant Director and Stage Manager
This is Stephanie's 6th year at Barnstormers. Last year she had her directorial debut at Barnstormers directing Tomb with a View. When she isn't at Barnstormers, she works for the Medford School District as their resident Theater Technician. Some of her favorite shows include Wizard of Oz, West Side Story, Fiddler on the Roof, and Scapino. She would like to thank her lovely boyfriend, David, and her dad for all their love and support. Enjoy the show!

Shaina Wyat – Stage manager
Shaina J. Wyatt didn’t grow up in the theatre world, but it has slowly consumed her. She started out doing choir at Grants Pass High School which was her “gateway drug” into the theatre realm. Shaina has since discovered that she would rather be backstage than on stage. Her latest productions include: One Eleven’s Willy Wonka, Stillpoint’s The Nutcracker Ballet, and Barnstormers’ Larry’s Best Friend. Shaina would like to thank Marcus, Frances, and her family for all of their support.

Constance Frankland – Dramaturg
Although Constance enjoys any microphone and every spotlight, last Christmas she worked silently off-stage as the Scrooge Script Manager, happily on-book in the Green Room. This is her first venture as Dramaturg -- a dream position for a lover of literature and theater! Thanks, Russ Lloyd, for this great experience.

Ruth Sears – Costumes
Frances Widdison – Sound design
Clyde Highbarger – Lighting Design
Keith Fuller – Lights/Sound
Kevin Wright – Lights/Sound
Kathleen Bowen Wright – Hairdresser
Jackie Sundin – Make-up
Russell Lloyd – Props Manager & Set design
Kathryn Brooks – Playbill Layout
Marcus Hardesty – Assistant Stage Manager

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