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First Sunday Wine, Cheese, Friends and Free Theatre

IMAGINE is presented the first Sunday of every month at Barnstormerís
Theater, except in December and January. Finger foods and beverages
begin at 6:00pm. The show starts at 6:30pm. Audiences must imagine
that there are sets and costumes and that the actors memorize their lines.
Admission is free, just bring something to share. Come and enjoy an
evening of lively humor and thoughtful drama. You just have to use

Imagine Program for April 5th.

  • A comedy, The Lyons with Vajra Ma and Daniel Grossbard
  • A satire, The Lordís Prayer with Violet Barnes and Kent Prickett
  • A comedy, The Rental with Diane Nichols and William Babishoff
  • A monologue, Listen with Flora Albano
  • A scene from Matchmaker with Cynthia Hewett and Daniel Wallace
  • A comedy, A Clean Getaway with Nancy Ryan, Kent Prickett and Dixie Feeney