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First Sunday Wine, Cheese, Friends and Free Theatre

IMAGINE is a fun and entertaining outreach program at Barnstormers Theater where actors and the public come together for an evening of casual entertainment of scenes from well known plays. It is an opportunity for performers to do what they love best, and that's perform, direct or produce live theater. This is our gift to the community as admission is free. Barnstormer members and the public is encouraged to bring finger food and/or drink to share. Come join us for a fun evening the first Sunday of every month.
This Sunday, June 1 the performances will be:

  • "Goodbye" with Brandon Abbott
  • "Dead Again" with Vajra Ma
  • "Inherit the Wind" with Burt Eikleberry, David Mannix and Mike McCune
  • "Nothing" with Willow DePew, Kent Prickett, Dixie Feeney, Julie Imhof and Sylvia McKinley
  • "Let's Go to the Movies" with Nancy Ryan and Dixie Feeney
  • "The Carpenters" with Kent Prickett and Julie Imhof