2011 - 2012 Season > The Great American Trailer Park Musical
“The Great American Trailer Park Musical”

March 2 - 25

by David Nehls and Betsy Kelso
Directed by Penny King

A new musical about agoraphobia, adultery, '80s nostalgia, road kill, hysterical pregnancy, a broken electric-chair, kleptomania, flan and disco; it's everything a musical should be! Described as "South Park" meets "Desperate Housewives", it shines like aluminum siding and shakes like cellulite in spandex.

Strong language, adult themes.

Ticket prices for the musical are $17 and $15 per person for groups of 10 or more? All other productions (non-musicals) are $15 and $12 for groups of 10 or more.

The Great American Trailer Park Musical

The synopsis reads:

A country-rock and blues musical about agoraphobia, adultery, 80’s nostalgia, spray cheese, road kill, hysterical pregnancy, a broken electric chair, strippers, flan, and disco.
So as you may have guessed, nothing profound here, just good semi-clean fun, absurd and soulful.

I have choreographed many musicals and directed and choreographed many ballets, but this the first time I have directed and choreographed a musical. It has been a blast! I have greatly enjoyed working with this talented and enthusiastic cast and our stage manager, Heidi.




Penny King (DIRECTOR) received her early dance training in and around her hometown of Santa Monica, California. She grew up in a world of ballet, opera, musical theatre, and late night TV shows.
Since moving to Oregon in 1975, she has been involved in about 30 musicals for Rogue Music Theatre, both as performer and choreographer, and danced with the Eugene Ballet Company, Linda Gold Dance Ensemble, State Ballet of Oregon, and others. In 1991 she opened Stillpoint Dance Studio here in Grants Pass, and in 2011 celebrated the 20th year of the studio’s existence and choreographed and directed the 20th annual Nutcracker Ballet. Her Barnstormer history began about 30 years ago in her first ever non dancing role and she has appeared as actor in several plays over the years and choreographer for Cabaret, Chicago, and The Starship Fantasy Moon Cruise.
She is a performer and creator who feels fortunate to continue working with so many creative artists on a wide variety of projects, and plans to wear herself out doing what she loves to do.

Heidi Whitehead (STAGE MANAGER) has lived in Grants Pass almost her whole life. As a kid, she was involved with RMT for a number of years because of her father’s love for the theater. A few years ago, she was introduced to Barnstormers by her sister who was stage managing. Now like the rest of her family, she also loves the world of theater. She was on stage in Oliver and Anne Frank, behind the scenes on Bye Bye Birdie, and as the stage manager for Cabaret, Rocket Man, Look Homeward Angel, Chicago and I Hate Hamlet and for the Nutcracker ballet for a few years. It has been a hoot and a holler for her to watch this show become what you are seeing today!

Sonya Davis (JEANNIE) is excited to be performing in her first ever Barnstormer's production. She is no stranger to the stage however, and her recent performances include Love's Labors Lost, The Echo and A Puppet Play at the University of Oregon, of which she is a recent graduate. She was fortunate enough to study abroad in London her last term of college and looks forward to more travel, adventure, and theater in her life. Enjoy!

Frankie Craig (NORBERT) recently moved to Grants Pass from Salt Lake City. Since moving here he has been involved in a local Playback Theater troupe, and he made his Barnstormers debut with Joseph in Butterfingers Angel. In other venues, he played Major Metcalf in The Mousetrap, Oedipus Rex in the comedy Conversations with a Sphinx and Radar in a stage version of MASH as well as many extras.

Charlsie Lane (PIPPI) is extremely excited to make her Barnstormers Theatre debut in this ridiculously fun musical. While Charlsie is new to Barnstormers, she is no stranger to the stage. Her most recent performance was Mama in Stillpoint’s The Nutcracker. You may also recognize her from Stardust Theatre, as the fun characters including: Corrie Bratter from Barefoot in the Park, Meg from Crimes of the Heart, and Mina from Dracula the Musical. When she’s not acting, dancing or working, Charlsie enjoys sipping wine and long walks on the beach….ok, ok, she doesn’t have time for that, she’s the proud mother of three glorious children (Tanner, Keegan and Maysie) that happily take up most of the rest of her time.

Jacqueline Sundin (LINOLEUM) is so excited to be a part of her third Barnstormers production! Last seen in Butterfingers Angel, she has also been seen in shows by RMT, One Eleven Theatre, and RCC. She would like to thank Penny, Frankie, and Shawn, and hopes you will all enjoy the show!

Jenna Ashley (PICKLES), age 16, has been dancing at Stillpoint Dance Studio since she was three and acting since she was nine. She is no stranger to the stage. You may have recently seen her in Barnstormer’s Chicago as Mona Lipshitz, and Starship Fantasy Moon Cruise as TJ. She has also been in many productions at Rogue Community College, where she is currently attending part-time. Jenna loves writing, cats and toast! She thanks this amazing cast and director for all the laughs that came along the way!

David Tannarome (DUKE) has been doing local theater for a couple of years. You may have seen him swishing his hips in The Odd Couple or dancing around like a straw man in The Wizard of Oz. Either way, he hopes that you really enjoy this show, and know that he had a really, really, good time working on it. He enjoys health food (and much to his character's chagrin, actually is a vegetarian), long walks in the woods, and anything geeky! He would like to thank his cast, his director, his family, and his Weeble for all their love and support. David would like to close in stating that, "No humans, stuffed animals, or magic markers were harmed in the making of this show. Thank you, and enjoy!"

Michelle Pindar (BETTY) was born and raised in good ol' Grants Pass. She has felt passionately connected to the performing arts for as long as she can remember. Music, dance, theater and film. She says, "There is something beautiful, magical and healing about it all. Whether it leaves you laughing, crying, or in wonder, there is a great joy in entertaining, and being entertained!" She recently took an improv class at RCC that left her feeling driven to audition for The Great American Trailer Park Musical. Being her first theatrical performance, she is highly grateful! She wants to thank her family, friends and everyone else for every bit of inspiration and support that they have given to her along the way...Now..., let the show begin!