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Barnstormers Theatre
Grants Pass, Oregon
Minutes for Board Meeting: Monday, Dec. 13, 2010.

Recorded and transcribed by Cathy Dahl.

In attendance: Royal, Judie, Debbie, Susan, Daniel, Christina, Eric, Geneva, Barbara, Tricia, Tyler, Sig, Pat, John, and Cathy.

The last Board meeting minutes were taken by Sig and were not available at this time.

Susan introduced a guest, Mr. Richardson, who wrote a children’s book and wanted to know if he could sell copies of it at the theatre. Mr. Richardson read his short book, “Dandy Lion”, illustrated by Vacie Anna Berry and told the Board that he would give part of his profits from the sale of his books at the plays to the theatre. Mr. Richardson then left the meeting.

Royal mentioned that guest speakers should be put on the agenda beforehand and perhaps be scheduled at the end of the meeting instead of the beginning so that any Board members who need to leave early can do so without missing more vital Board items.

Discussion ensued about whether or not to allow vendors to sell merchandise at the theatre.

A motion was made by Tricia: “Barnstormers has a policy to not allow vendors to sell merchandise at the theatre before, during, or after a show.”

Second: Geneva. Motion carried.

Managing Directors Report:

Susan purchased a travellers curtain. There are wine stains on the current curtain. She is going to flip ends to try to cover it.

Marsha Bashford will provide a Barnstormers ad in exchange for theatre rental on January 15th from 4 pm on.

A new employee, Jacob Potter, is paid $8.75 per hour by the Job Council. He will close up the theatre after Imagine and do tech work.

There should be another bid coming in for the remodel.

Treasurers Report:

Debbie has been working with Rich Mitchell. He needs to tie out the numbers in order to do the tax return.

Judie says we are being charged by Bank of America for credit card usage and we are rarely using it. Royal asked if we can code a transaction as a donation to Barnstormers. Judie is keeping a separate list of building fund donations.

A motion was made by Tyler: “Barnstormers should get rid of the Bank of America credit card machine as soon as possible.”

Second: Christina. Motion carried.

Daniel said the platinum membership numbers include season ticket sales. Platinum memberships are $1200 and include 4 tickets per show for life.

There have been no problems with the current system except for cast members asking for comp seats at the last minute.

Debbie can print reports of net proceeds for plays. Some people have said that they are being charged twice when they purchase tickets online, but they are not.

Artistic Committee Report:

Barbara: More than half the directors came with proposed dramas for next season. More comedies are needed.

Susan proposed cutting back to six shows and extending the runs.

Debbie: There is a proposal by Cynthia Harrelson. The IRS is changing rules that a licensed professional needs to do payroll, etc. Cindy’s proposal is for $150 per month for the first three months and then she will analyze it at that point. For this amount she has agreed to do the books and payroll, and prepare the quarterly reports. For an additional fee she would do the annual tax return which Rich is currently doing for free. Cindy is concerned that Barnstormers is classified properly and this needs to be checked into. She charges $125 per hour for her tax preparation services.

Pat expressed concern about growing expenses. Debbie explained her task of figuring out what Judie can do and what services should be paid for. She believes this will actually save the theatre money.

Education Committee Report:

Eric has been meeting with the local schools to see about forming a theatre internship which would be monitored by the school but mentored by a theatre rep such as sound, lighting, stage manager, etc. John gave an example of an amateur who learned here. Barbara said that when we take on minors an adult needs to be here at the theatre with them.

Eric said that unless you know someone at Barnstormers, it is difficult to become a part of the theatre or learn about it. A work study program would provide students with an opportunity to learn the theatre and get school credits for it. Barbara asked if the people who would be most involved, such as lighting, sound, etc. have been talked to. Eric said that he would talk to them.

Eric proposed an idea to begin with. He would like to classify one or two Rogue River High School students as work study students. The students would connect with the person in charge of the specific area that they are interested in learning to set up a schedule to work with them. That person would sign to attest that the student worked those hours.

Royal asked if we want to allow the Education Committee to develop this work study program. Discussion ensued.

A motion was made by Tricia: “Barnstormers approves the proposed internship program to be developed by the Education Committee.”

Second: Barbara. Motion carried.

Barbara again discussed the issue of minors being left alone in the theatre.

A motion was made by Geneva: “Barnstormers has a policy that a minor may not be alone in the theatre without an adult on the premises.”

Second: Debbie. Motion carried.

Pat said she would like to see an operating budget. Debbie will provide that.

Royal said that a grant was written and presented to the Carpenter Foundation and we should know something by January.

7:30 pm – Some Board members left the meeting.

A motion was made by Tyler: “Barnstormers should pay Judie $12 per hour for her theatre duties, not to exceed 20 hours per month effective December 1, 2010.”

Second: Debbie. Motion carried.

A motion was made by Debbie: “Barnstormers will accept the offer from Cynthia Harrelson to do the books and payroll at a rate of $150 per month guaranteed for the first three months effective January 1, 2011.”

Second: Tricia. Motion carried.

Meeting adjourned at 7:52 pm.

Minutes submitted by Cathy Dahl.
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