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Barnstormers Theatre
Grants Pass, Oregon
Minutes for Barnstormer’s Board Meeting: December 2011
Called to order @ 6:00pm

Attending: Tamara, Sig, Hyla, Tyler, Susan, Christina, Adelle, Cathy, Tanya, Judie, Geneva
Excused: David

Guest: Michael Black, Hyla introduced him from the city. Michael explained costs from the city on our remodel. Explained that SDC monies can be requested to be returned for non-profits, and he’s confident that they would be returned when we ask for them.

Tyler moved to approve minutes, Hyla second, all in favor minutes approved.

Treasurer’s report: From Adelle, Balance sheet available.

Managing Director’s report: from Susan. Nearly complete on remodel. Some light and electrical outside still in progress, soon to be completed.

Two equipment problems have come up. Speakers are picking up radio station randomly because our media cables are simply stereo wire (acting as an antenna). Susan suggests we need actual media cable. Consensus on looking into cost of appropriate cables. Susan is also suggesting that we get a new light board. Discussion from the board on possibility of servicing current light board. Consensus on diagnostics for current light board before looking at purchasing new one.

Discussion about fine from credit card processing because we were deemed to be non-compliant. Discussion about the fact that we should not have to be compliant, since we are just a virtual ticket booth.

Judie’s report on Gala. There was not enough food variety from the Mediterranean, so Judie had to provide some. Judie presented a list of private donations specifically for the Building Fund.

AC report: From David, via Sig, from report given over the phone. Still looking for directors and still in the planning stages for what the slate is looking like.

Discussion that early May is when we need to have an actual slate. Discussion on AC rules, board members attending AC meetings, etc. (First Tuesday of every month). We need a full month to decide on slate. It was discussed that better reports should be presented on where the AC is actually standing (play names, etc), open the AC meetings to board members, and include children’s play. Overall consensus is that the AC and board should foster open communication and work together for the good of the theater.

Hospital grants: If Hyla has the opportunity to use hospital software between now and January she will. She will talk to Walt Slayter, a grant writer, to see if he will come to our January meeting to discuss how grant writing happens. Sig will talk to David Aye for the same.

Cookies: Bea Frankland approached Susan about baking Christmas cookies for “Butterfinger’s Angel”. The cookies are about $1 per dozen more (approximately $28 more per show)—should we start purchasing cookies from Bea instead of from Costco? Consensus is yes. Discussion on using Bea first, GP Culinary, then Costco.

E-mail from Bill France. Totally cool.

Costume Bank: Borrowing costumes. We need to come up with policy with who has use of costumes, borrowing costumes, and use of the costume room. Discussion tabled.

Tyler moved to adjourn, Geneva second, all approved.

Meeting adjourned at 8:00pm
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