2012 - 2013 Season > Angel Capone
Strong language: adult themes
Oct. 19 - Nov. 4 , 2012

The Angel Capone
by David Copelin
Russell Lloyd, director

Ambitious actress Lenore Shlemansky defies her mother, changes her name to Laura Seymour, and sets out to become a star. Her Chicago debut enraptures gangster Al Capone, who becomes a theatrical “angel” when he invests in Laura’s new play. But will it be a hit? What if it’s a flop? The Angel Capone takes us on a funny, fascinating journey to where a feisty family, an amateur magician, and a wealthy producer match wits with America’s most notorious criminal.

Director’s notes from Russ Lloyd

It is a great joy and honor to direct this original play, written by David Copelin. It is very rare to be allowed to sit in the room with the creator of the script – to hear the true inspiration and meaning that formed the words on the page while we rehearse. This experience truly defines the collaborative art form that is the theatre. No other form allows – no - demands such focus and contribution from everyone involved as does the theatre. And everyone involved with The Angel Capone has done just that. From the initial concept to the final black out, every moment, wink, nod and sigh has been thoroughly thought out and or discovered by several creative minds coming together to tell the story created from one mind. It is a joy to do and I believe, it will be a joy to watch. The Angel Capone - a true ensemble piece.
~Russ Lloyd, Director

Cast Bio

Frankie Craig (Capone) is excited to be involved with his fourth Barnstormers production. He has played Joseph in The Butterfingers Angel, Norbert in The Great American Trailer Park Musical, The Drunk in An Enemy of the People, and now the notorious Al Capone. In other venues, he played Major Metcalf in The Mousetrap and Radar in a stage version of MASH. Frankie moved to Grants Pass two years ago from Salt Lake City, Utah. He is the rafting coordinator for Morrison’s Lodge and Rogue River Raft Trips…a nice fit as his two favorite things in the world are rafting and acting!

Sonya Davis (Lenore) is so excited to be acting in "The Angel Capone," as it is a world premiere! She is thrilled to be working with Russell Lloyd, a fantastic director, and her fellow actors -- both new friends and old. It has also been fun working so closely with the writer, David Copelin. She was last seen at Barnstormers playing Jeannie in The Great American Trailer Park Musical. She has been blessed to study theater in London and at the University of Oregon and to begin dipping into the film scene in Eugene and Portland. Some other favorite theater roles include the Princess in Love's Labors Lost, Irina in The Three Sisters and Mama Giraffe in Puppet Play. She thanks all who support her and hopes that you enjoy the show!

Nancy Ryan (Anna) has been theatrically addicted for many years. Among other things, she won the Bobbie award for her performance as M’Lynn in Steel Magnolias at Huntington Beach Playhouse, played Blanche in Street Named Desire, Elvira in Blythe Spirit and acted at Oregon Shakespeare Festival. She also directed Gingerbread Lady and last season’s Steel Magnolias here at Barnstormers.

David Tannarome (Saul Rosen) has been in community theater for a few years now. He really enjoys it because it's one of his favorite means of self-expression. You may remember him from such plays as The Odd Couple, The Wizard of Oz and The Great American Trailer Park Musical. He really wants whoever is reading this to relax, sit back, and enjoy.

Sig Dekany (Hamilton Prescott) has been seen regularly in Grants Pass community theater for the past nine years: at Stardust (The Nerd, The Passion of Dracula), One Eleven Evelyn (Screwtape, Beauty and the Beast) and Barnstormers (Actor’s Nightmare, Brighton Beach Memoirs, The Diary of Anne Frank, Scapino, An Enemy of the People). He has been nominated twice in the annual Sneak Preview entertainment poll – as Best Director and Best Actor. Sig is currently vice president of the Barnstormers Board.

Amy Fox (Natasha) has been a Barnstormers regular for so long she would rather not say. Her most recent performances were as Lenny in Crimes of the Heart, Julia in A Delicate Balance, and Rosalind in Moon Over Buffalo. When she isn't hamming it up on stage, you can find her kickin' tires and selling cars. Sometimes she even remembers where home is.

Keith Fuller (Fred Gurney) has shaped such diverse roles as Nicely Nicely in Guys and Dolls, Sancho in Man of La Mancha, Herr Schultz in Cabaret, Lazar Wolf in Fiddler on the Roof, and Audry II in Little Shop of Horrors. Keith is also an acclaimed director and musical director, and he is the resident sound designer for Barnstormers

Production Crew

Russell Lloyd (Director) has directed A Delicate Balance, Scapino, Guys and Dolls, Proof, The Dining Room, Sylvia and The Importance of Being Ernest at Barnstormers. He has directed Wizard of Oz, Bye, Bye Birdie and Anything Goes for Rogue Music Theater. At Oregon Shakespeare Festival, Russ has portrayed the Earl Of Westmorland in Henry V, Mr. Radley and Heck Tate in To Kill A Mockingbird, Cicero, Publius and Cinna the Poet in Julius Caesar, Traveller in Henry IV Part I and Dave Post, First Detective in Paradise Lost. Here at Barnstormers, Russ has played John Barrymore in I Hate Hamlet, Scrooge in A Christmas Carol and Chris in Rumors.

Stephanie Malone (Assistant Director, Stage Manager) is in her fourth year stage managing at Barnstormers. She has been involved in many shows outside of Barnstormers as well. Some of her favorites include The Wizard of Oz, Scapino and Fiddler on the Roof. She recently has taken a job as the theater technician for the Medford School District, but that doesn't keep her from being here! She would like to thank her Dad, her boyfriend, David, and her roommate, Megan, for inspiring her to live life to the fullest.

Caitlin Symons (Assistant Stage Manager, gangster, party guest, cop) has been involved in theater since her freshman year of high school. Some of her favorite productions are Fiddler on the Roof, Almost Maine, and Ten Little Indians. This is her first production with Barnstormers. She is very excited to get to work on this production of The Angel Capone.

Kendra Shannon (Assistant Stage Manager, gangster, party guest, cop)) has been a part of the theater since her sophomore year of high school and has worked on many shows with Stephanie. Two of her favorites are Fiddler on the Roof and The Sound of Music. This is Kendra's second play at Barnstormers. The Angel Capone is the first play in which she is both a technical stage assistant and an actor. Enjoy the show!

Cameron Bushnell (stage crew, gangster, party guest, cop) has been involved in theater since high school, both on and off the stage. He's very excited to have the opportunity to work on an original play, especially with such a great cast and crew.

Matthew Shannon (stage crew, gangster, party guest, cop) is very excited about his first time helping with a play. His sister, Kendra, got him into it. He would like to thank his father, mother and grandparents, and, finally, his aunt who supported him. Thank you, guys. He loves you.